Profile: ThisTV


Today I’m writing a short article on This TV. This is a national programming service provided to local television stations across the country.

This TV was launched in 2008 as a joint venture of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer and Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting (owners of classic TV service MeTV).

In 2013, Weigel announced they would be dissolving the partnership to concentrate on their new service Movies!, a 24/7 movie channel. Fellow Chicago broadcaster Tribune took over as This TV partner with MGM.

Although This TV airs mostly movies on it’s schedule, they do air a handful of classic TV shows from the 1950s and 60s. They aired more until Tribune entered the picture, as they moved several shows like Mister Ed and The Patty Duke Show over to Tribune’s Antenna TV service.

Classic TV series currently airing on This: The Addams Family, Highway Patrol, The Outer Limits and Sea Hunt.

Learn more about This TV and their affiliates by visiting their website.

Classic TV Birthdays: February 1

Danger, Will Robinson! Hard to believe, but actor Billy Mumy turns 60 today. Mumy is best known for his role as Will Robinson on the 1960s family space adventure series Lost In Space. He also appeared in several memorable episodes of The Twilight Zone, including “The Good Life” (wish him to the cornfield, Anthony!).

Also born February 1: Garrett Morris (Saturday Night Live, currently on 2 Broke Girls) is 77, Stuart Whitman (Cimarron Strip, Highway Patrol) turns 86 and Peter Sallis is 93. Sallis was the star of the long-running Britcom The Last of the Summer Wine.

Classic TV stars born this day but since passed include Austrian-born Bibi Besch, who starred on daytime soaps The Edge of Night, The Secret Storm and Somerset. She later appeared on The Jeff Foxworthy Show and Northern Exposure. Sherman Hemsley starred in two successful sitcoms in the 1970s and 80s: The Jeffersons and Amen. Jessica Savitch was a news anchor and host for NBC and PBS. She was tragically killed in a car accident at age 36.

Several classic TV favorites passed away on February 1. Don Cornelius created and hosted the music-variety series Soul Train. Gossip columnist Hedda Hopper appeared on The Beverly Hillbillies and I Love Lucy. She was also the mother of William Hopper, who played Paul Drake on Perry Mason. Silent film legend Buster Keaton later starred on The Buster Keaton Show and guested on The Donna Reed Show, Route 66 and The Untouchables.

Also passing this day: the man who uttered the phrase “Double Secret Probation.” Canadian actor John Vernon’s most memorable role (IMHO) was as Dean Vernon Wormer in the movie National Lampoon’s Animal House. He later reprised the role on the short lived TV sitcom Delta House.

Vernon made numerous guest appearances on such TV classics as Bonanza, Cannon, Hawaii Five-0, Mannix and Mission: Impossible. He also did cartoon voiceovers and had roles in notable movies like Dirty Harry.