FETV Adds Cozi Programming

Christian satellite network FETV is now simulcasting programming from Cozi-TV, a national digital broadcast service owned by NBCUniversal.

According to FETV’s programming guide, the network is airing 10 hours of Cozi on weekdays and 4 hours in Saturday prime. The programming blocks are Monday-Friday 12N-6PM and 8PM-12M, plus Saturdays 8PM-12M. Classic Cozi shows airing on FETV include The Dick Van Dyke Show, Make Room for Daddy, Maverick and Starsky & Hutch.

FETV also continues to program several classic series from its existing library, specifically Highway to Heaven, Lassie, The Lone Ranger and The Roy Rogers Show. The balance of the schedule is filled with religious and lifestyle programming.

FETV is a programming service of LeSEA Broadcasting Corporation of South Bend, Indiana. It is available on Dish Network (Channel 82) and AT&T U-verse (Channel 578).

Cozi TV is carried as a full-time digital subchannel by broadcast stations across America, including WNBC New York, KNBC Los Angeles and WMAQ Chicago. For more info, visit the Cozi-TV website.

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98 thoughts on “FETV Adds Cozi Programming

  1. I would like cozi tv to come on sunday at eight o clock so i could see fantasy island and please get a channel so i can see cozi full time

  2. I love channel 82 FETV cozy, Bring more and all the time, Except Change those depressing medical and funeral commercials, I still have lot of life in me, Hate to be depress after laughing and some good shows.

    • FamilyNet is showing the old B&W episodes of Bewitched. They air weekdays from 9-10AM and 6-7PM, plus Saturdays from 11AM-12N. FamilyNet is available on Dish Network and Verizon Fios.

  3. Love your channel and the programming…I was curious to know if you would ever be able to show Bewitched, Hazel and the Munsters?

  4. I was wanting to see if you could maybe add some incredible hulk to the list.and this is a great channel with the shows you have on fetv.

  5. Dear fetv programmimg director,Fetv viewers can’t wait for fetv to show the first season of “Charlie’s Angels” Can the first “Charlie’s Angels” episodes be broadcast on Fridays? “Farrah Fridays” get it? I bet you do. moving on,Can F tv viewers be treated to Fetv oneday broadcasting episodes of Bj & the Bear. “Bj Mckay” was just as sexy a likeable TV hero(as Steve Austin and Thomas Magnum”) “we need a hero…”Austin”.”Magnum” & “Mckay” he he

  6. The morons at FETV preempted all of the One Step Beyond shows on Halloween day and no Dracula at night, they substituted an all day marathon of The Long Ranger, telling me that the other programs were not suitable for children. I guess shooting up cowboy shows, and all the old detective shows with guns and fights and car chases are better for children, ie, McMillian & Wife, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Long Ranger, Magnum PI, Starsky & Hutch. FETV is run by idiots.

  7. I would like to know why the Lassie series with Timmy is so irratic? Sometimes it shows during the week at 9:00pm and sometimes it doesn’t, even when it’s on the schedule. As this has been going on for awhile, it has become quite frustrating to expect it, and then it not show.
    I grew up watching Lassie and enjoy it very much, even to this day.
    I would appreciate a reply from you. Thank you in advance.

  8. I have SO ENJOYED a SHORT time airing of THE MARCUS WELBY SHOW, but hate it that the new UR. 2015 has REMOVED it from BOTH NETWORKS ~ VERY SAD w/7 days neither network could KEEP this aired once daily Mon.-Fri. Hour long show, yet CONTINUE showing differ episodes of the SAME shows & NOT find 1 HOUR to KEEP airing MARCUS WELBY MD !!! Thanks to BOTH networks for airing it , I & I’m SURE MANY enjoyed it – VERY ️SORRY to see it GONE & yet to there goes I : ( ~. ( & SURE MANY OTHERS WILL HATE LOOSING THE MARCUS WELBY SHOW AS WELL !!! ) Thanks for the short aired memories !! : (

  9. I love Fantasy Island with Ricardo Montalban. Please add this program into
    your lineup. It has been showing at 7pm CST M-F…..but lately it looks like it’s
    not on in that time slot anymore. Also, it ran for 7 years…..could we please see
    all of the episodes starting with the first years? Thank you.

  10. Thank you for showing programs with good moral standards. I grew up watching The Lone Ranger and The Roy Rogers Show along with many others, which always had the content of values, respect, to think and make the right choices. These programs are much needed in today’s society. Its good to see this type of programming. It’s such a nice change from the regular programs that air on other stations. Thank You!!

  11. I would like to thank fetv or cozy tv for having reruns of Starsky and Hutch I used to watch that show when I was a teenager and I love it!

  12. I love watching this channel! Wish it included Petticoat Junction, One Day At A Time, That Girl, Alice and Emergency One. I could go on forever to list shows that were great entrainment back in the day. Please consider these shows, thanks for listening.

  13. Thank you for broadcasting all of the Avengers series, Run For Your Life and other great shows from the Golden Age of television. Please don’t abandon us to the 24-7 freak show that is so-called “reality TV.” It’s not fit for anyone’s viewing – not for adults and certainly not for children. If I thought for a moment that the new shows truly represented reality, I don’t know what I’d do, maybe go outside and play four-square!

  14. I love the old shows on FETV; I would like to see the old reruns of the original Superman with George Reeves. I also enjoy The Long Ranger and The Roy Rodgers show. Also, could you show The Magnificent Seven, the ones with Michael Biehn, Dale Midkiff and Ron Perlman. There were only 22 episodes filmed and I would love to watch these shows again. Keep up the good work!!!

  15. Keep Dragnet! Just when It was starting to look like TV was getting better, its gone! Keep the oldies coming. Adam-12, Dragnet, Squad 51 and the rest. Do some old time TV programing like in the seventies. You don’t have to make it a marathon just slip all those good old show in and we’ll keep the TV tuned to FETV.

  16. I am so disappointed that Dragnet is missing from weeknights at 8pm, and replaced by Miami Vice. I hope Dragnet comes back soon!!

  17. It would be nice if you could show some of the cozy network programs from the morning, these shows are rare finds (Zorro) for instance whereas some of the other shows you show like Dick Van Dyke etc. are commonly on TV.

  18. Move back air time one hour. Start at 7pm central time so I can watch 6 million dollar man on dish channel 82. Please it’s on Wednesday nights

  19. Why in the world did you take off Dragnet and replace it with that stupid Miami Vice crap. That and Adam 12 is the only thing on there worth watching and now you take that off. Good move! At least put Dragnet someplace else.

  20. Cozi tv shows the lucy show but you do not please show the lucy show or maybe here’s lucy she was a comic . legend and both of these shows are so funny

  21. I love your movies etc. Could you show the program Run For Your Life with Ben Garzarra more like some of the others you show a lot. Thank you very much. I love those stories they are all so different but so enjoyable to us… Thanks again

  22. I know you show the old shows of Murder, She Wrote and I love them.

    But, most of the time, the ending of the show is cut off. I’ve watched these for as long as I can remember. Netflix carries them, which I didn’t realize until just recently. I actually tested several shows and your ending is just – cut off. There were a few that weren’t, but, most are.

    Can you fix this? I would rather DVR them on your station and watch them than Netflix.

    Also, I was wondering, could you possibly add the old Sunday night Mystery Movies to your line-up someday? Such as Columbo, McMillan & Wife, McCloud, Banachek, etc? But please, don’t cut off the ending. No good without the ending.

    Thank you.


  23. The Lucy Show has been advertised on Dick Van Dyke as “coming up next,” but it’s not showing here. What’s up? Btw, love your channel.

  24. I heard that Bronco Lane was on Cozi, is it still on and does Fetv show it? would love it if you would show Bronco and Sugarfoot.
    Thanks, Tom

  25. Hello. Thank you so. Much. For. Bring back. The. Old shows. From. The. 40. 50 60. 70. All. Old. Movies. ? The. Real. Mc coys. George and. Grace. Show. Oh. I can. Go. On.

  26. It’s. So nice to. See. Charlie’s angels. Still. On. Monkeys. Gilligan’s island. Ma pa. Kettle. Lost in space. The partridge family. I married. Jone. Oops ! The 7/million dollar. Man. And. Women.

  27. I love watching the old shows. Only shows on anymore that are good to watch. Please bring back Dragnet, Zorro and even the Dukes of Hazzard. I don’t watch TV land anymore, but I DO WATCH FETV / COZI TV.

  28. I HATE THIS FETV…I Like COZITV…How Dare You…What is on right now a STUPID John Wayne Movie…I have Never Liked John Wayne…I Truly Liked COZI…I can’t afford cable, so when cozi came on I was ELATED…But now once again I am at the mercy of others idea of entertainment…I am so SAD…Good-Bye…

  29. Why do continue to see the Lone Ranger when you are supposed to be showing Baywatch on Cozi TV. I was hoping for Baywatch, which was supposed to start on Aug. 3 and all I see in the Baywatch spot is The Lone Ranger. Could you please change it.

    Thank you,

  30. Please tell the programmer to stop cutting Hazel. The last 5 minutes is cut, which in the case of this show is how it wraps up. Very disappointed.

  31. Dear FETV, by accident I pass the channels and saw HAZEL on. I leave in California and the show comes at 2pm. My request is if you can have it early in the morning and also Bewitch show can be on. I appreciate your shows, but it is such good feeling to see the old shows, like bewitch, HAZEL, FATHER KNOWS BEST, PATTY DUKE SHOW, NAKED CITY, and so on…Thank you again and hope to see the requested shows.

  32. I love FETV channel but can someone please place some of the LONG RANGER shows with bay watch or other shows. Long Ranger air 4 to 5 time at night and day.

  33. I wish you would show The Munsters that are on Cozi TV from 5pm to 6pm during the week. Also would like to see Small Wonder and Mr Belvedere. I group up these shows when I was young

  34. Western ny fetv says that THE KUNSTERS are on weekdays at 5.
    Hazel is on instead.
    They never get things right

  35. I thought I saw an advertisement saying you we’re going to start showing the Munsters, is this true? I hope so, we get you on Dish and with all those channels there is nothing to watch. Bring more of the shows from the 50’s and 60’s. We stationed out of the country during much of the sixties, so many shows like The Munsters, The Monkeys, the Flying Nun, etc. we missed and have gotten to see a few episodes when we could catch them.

  36. Why are you blocking out The Munsters from being aired???? Very disappointed. So many great shows on Cozi yet we keep getting Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers over and over and over again
    Why not cover more of their programming or add more shows to your lineup.

  37. You have good old shows, but you should not be allowed to show what is coming on Cozi TV if it is not going to be on. We so wanted to see the Monsters and guess what its Cozi TV not fair! And we would like to see Dragnet back on again.

  38. It is stated above that the Cozi programming during the week goes from 12N – 6PM but it doesn’t – it goes until 5pm. At 5PM on Cozi is the Munsters which I love. On FETV its Hazel which I don’t like. The channel at 5pm starts out with the Munsters and after a few minutes switches to Hazel. If it is supposed to be until 6pm, why does it cut off the Munsters at 5pm.

  39. I keep seeing ads for the Munsters on cozi tv at 5pm weekdays, but we can’t set it to dvr. Is there any way to get this channel? We have dish from central pa.

  40. What happened to Adam-12? There are episodes of Hazel in Adam 12’s time slot and The Munsters showing in Hazel’s time slot. Will there ever be any episodes of Dragnet, Emergency!, or Petticoat Junction in the near future?? I really like watching this channel because of it’s good, clean programming overall. I would hate to lose this channel!

  41. We watch fet/coziness but there is to much of the long ranger show more of different show at night not long ranger and Roy Rogers show its boring aft 1pm I love watching the old shows..please chage it…

  42. I really like being able to watch these old shows again like, The Six Million Dollar Man, The A-Team, Charlie’s Angles, ect. But can we stop rerunning the same 6 or 7 episodes continuously. Really getting annoyed watching the reruns of the reruns. Maybe playing full season episodes would be a great way to keep people interested.

  43. I was under the impression that Columbia was going to be on 12 noon to 12 midnight on New years day. I never saw anything about it all day new years. You shouldn’t advertise something if you’re not going to do it. I am pretty close to getting rid of all this stuff and get free tv.

  44. I am so grateful that Fetv is simulcasting cozi tv! I have Dish Network and live out in the middle of nowhere so it’s literally the only way I could watch cozi’s programming.

    I was wondering… does anyone know the liklihood of someone simulcasting AntennaTV the same way Fetv is cozi? I would LOVE to have access to some of their great programming!


  45. What happen to The Real McCoy’s,? Would like to see the Old programs such as, Jack Benney Show, 77 Sunset Strip. Our Miss Brooks, Rockford Files, BaBaBlack Shep, Dobie Gillis, Rawhide, Wagon Train, all the programs all us Senior’s enjoyed. Thanks

    • Hi Chris. CoziTV is available as a free, over-the-air broadcast channel in many cities across the United States. You can see if there’s a local affiliate near you by visiting the CoziTV website and searching by zip code: http://www.cozitv.com/get-cozi-tv/. Hope this helps and thanks for visiting ClassicTVBlog.com!

  46. I love watching EMERGENCY! on cozy tv, but I am not able to find it anymore. Please Dont tell me you are replacing the show with another show.

  47. I love Emergency, Quincy and Simon & Simon. I just noticed they are not on. No notice, just not on. Why? Can you tell me when they will be back on. My day just isn’t complete without them.
    I wish there would have been information prior to me just finding them not scheduled on my dvr.
    I hope you plan on having them on again very soon.

  48. My fetch is channel 323 on Directv.
    Could you PLEASE include the following shows: Simon&Simon, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, Mannix, Tazan, Jungle Jim, Starsky&Hutch, CHIPS, Miami Vice, The old Real McCoy, Dukes of Hazard and other shows in the Mystery Category.
    Thanks for adding Perry Mason 👍


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