New Diginets Launch Monday

New national digital networks Escape and Grit will flip the on switch August 18 at 12 Noon Eastern.

Katz Broadcasting (part-owner of African-American diginet Bounce TV) is launching the gender-targeted networks, with Escape targeting women and Grit going after men.

As mentioned in previous posts, Escape will air female-skewed movies and off-cable true crime series. Grit will program action and adventure movies skewing to men. Escape’s first program will be Body Heat, the 1981 film starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. Grit kicks things off with the classic Gary Cooper western High Noon.

Both Escape and Grit will be carried on the digital sub channels of broadcast stations reaching over 50% of U.S. households. For more info on programming and where to watch, visit the Escape and Grit websites.

4 thoughts on “New Diginets Launch Monday

  1. See I told you in other post it official well I going get it I think I am curious on Grit TV and Escape tv

    Escape TV the movies don’t appeal me so far

    Grit tv look interesting

    I would be grandfather in on SO CAL Univison station 46.3 46.4

    • Without EPG OTA, your network movies in which I like would be useless to me. I hate to pickup movies with no information with it, so I click next on channel

  2. I noticed that the picture for both Grit & Escape are not linearly correct.
    They are stretched a little bit horizontally.
    This is in Phoenix on channels 33-3 and 35-4.

  3. So far I prefer Grit tv over Escape tv

    All this week on Grit tv they having John Wayne week with rarely seen Spoilers was on Tuesday night

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