FETV Drops COZI, Launches New Classic Lineup


Cable-satellite network FETV (Family Entertainment Television) has ended their relationship with broadcast diginet COZI-TV and unveiled a new lineup of classic TV programming.

FETV had been simulcasting a significant amount of COZI programming, mostly on weekdays, since 2014. According to FETV General Manager Bill Airy, the license agreement with NBCUniversal-owned COZI expired and is not being renewed.

Here’s a look at the new FETV schedule, which launched in late June:

Weekdays (All times Eastern)
5AM The Roy Rogers Show
5:30 The Roy Rogers Show
6AM The Lone Ranger
6:30 The Lone Ranger
7-9AM Religious Programming
9AM The Roy Rogers Show
9:30 Lassie
10AM Father Knows Best (starts end of July)
10:30 Father Knows Best (starts end of July)
11AM Hazel
11:30 Hazel
12N Bewitched
12:30 Bewitched
1PM The Flying Nun
1:30 The Flying Nun
2PM One Day at a Time
2:30 One Day at a Time
3PM Designing Women
3:30 Designing Women
4PM Perry Mason
5PM Matlock
6PM The Roy Rogers Show
6:30 The Roy Rogers Show
7PM The Lone Ranger
7:30 The Lone Ranger
8PM Perry Mason
9PM Matlock
10PM T.J. Hooker
11PM Hart to Hart
12M Maude (Sun-Th)/The Lone Ranger (F)
12:30 Maude (Sun-Th)/The Lone Ranger (F)
1AM Barney Miller (Sun-Th)/The Roy Rogers Show (F)
1:30 Barney Miller (Sun-Th)/The Roy Rogers Show (F)
2AM Sergeant Preston of The Yukon (Sun-Th)/Lassie (F)
2:30 Sergeant Preston of The Yukon (Sun-Th)/Lassie (F)
3AM Lassie (Sun -Th)/Paid Programming (F)
3:30 Lassie (Sun-Th)/Paid Programming (F)
4AM The Lone Ranger (Sun-Th)/Paid Programming (F)
4:30 The Lone Ranger (Sun-Th)/Paid Programming (F)

FETV’s Saturday schedule is mostly classic TV, highlighted by a 7-hour block of The Lone Ranger from 11AM-6PM. Sundays are nearly all religious programming, although they are airing back-to-back episodes of Perry Mason and Matlock from 1-5PM.

FETV is a programming service of LeSEA Broadcasting Corporation of South Bend, Indiana. It’s available on AT&T U-verse (Channel 578), DirecTV (Channel 323) and Dish Network (Channel 82). For more information on FETV, please visit their Facebook page.


A reminder that COZI-TV is available for free on over-the-air broadcast stations reaching over 60% of the United States. To find an affiliate near you, check out the COZI-TV website.

Quincy, Carol Burnett Joining MeTV Lineup


Jack Klugman’s long-running medical drama Quincy M.E. and the half-hour edited version of The Carol Burnett Show (Carol Burnett and Friends) are among the additions to classic TV diginet MeTV’s new schedule.

Several shows will be leaving the network, while others return or move to new time slots. The new lineup starts New Years Day, Thursday January 1 2015.

Time Period (ET) Programming Comments
5:00AM The Abbott & Costello Show New to MeTV
5:30AM Make Room for Daddy
6:00AM Petticoat Junction
6:30AM The Beverly Hillbillies
7:00AM That Girl Moves from 5AM. Replaces The Donna Reed Show…which moves to 8AM
7:30AM I Love Lucy
8:00AM The Donna Reed Show Moves from 7AM. Replaces Leave it to Beaver…which moves to Antenna TV
8:30AM The Mary Tyler Moore Show Returns to MeTV. Replaces Leave it to Beaver…which moves to Antenna TV
9:00AM The Love Boat Returns to weekday schedule. Replaces Daniel Boone
10:00AM Perry Mason
11:00AM Quincy M.E. New to MeTV. Replaces a double-run of Dragnet…which moves to Cozi TV
12:00N The Rockford Files
1:00PM Gunsmoke
2:00PM Bonanza
3:00PM The Rifleman
3:30PM The Rifleman
4:00PM The Adventures of Superman Joins the weekday lineup. Replaces Adam-12…which moves to Cozi TV
4:30PM The Adventures of Superman Joins the weekday lineup. Replaces Adam-12…which moves to Cozi TV
5:00PM Emergency!
6:00PM CHiPs
7:00PM M*A*S*H
7:30PM M*A*S*H
8:00PM The Andy Griffith Show
8:30PM The Andy Griffith Show
9:00PM Hogan's Heroes
9:30PM Cheers Moves from 11PM. Replaces Gilligan's Island…which will air weekends only
10:00PM Mondays: The Bob Newhart Show
Tuesdays: Taxi
Wednesdays: F Troop
Thursdays: Welcome Back Kotter
Fridays: The Odd Couple
10:00PM Mondays: The Bob Newhart Show
Tuesdays: Taxi
Wednesdays: F Troop
Thursdays: Welcome Back Kotter
Fridays: The Odd Couple
11:00PM Carol Burnett & Friends New to MeTV. Replaces Cheers…which moves to 9:30PM
11:30PM Perry Mason
12:30AM Mystery Movie Rotating programs including Banacek (New)…Columbo… McCloud…McMillan and Wife (New). Replaces Dragnet…which moves to Cozi TV
1:00AM Replaces Adam-12…which moves to Cozi TV
1:30AM Replaces Night Gallery…which moves to 2:30AM
2:00AM Replaces Ironside
2:30AM Night Gallery Moves from 1:30AM. Replaces Ironside
3:00AM The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Returns to weekday lineup. Replaces Route 66
4:00AM Thriller Returns to weekday lineup. Replaces Naked City
5:00AM F Troop Adds weekend airings. Replaces The Rogues
5:30AM F Troop Adds weekend airings. Replaces The Rogues
6:00AM Gilligan's Island Moves to weekends only. Replaces The Rogues
6:30AM Gilligan's Island Moves to weekends only. Replaces The Rogues
7:00AM H.R. Pufnstuf
7:30AM Land of the Lost
8:00AM E/I Programming Some markets air Guns of Will Sonnett
8:30AM E/I Programming Some markets air Guns of Will Sonnett
9:00AM E/I Programming Some markets air Branded
9:30AM E/I Programming Some markets air Branded
10:00AM E/I Programming Some markets air The Rebel
10:30AM E/I Programming Some markets air The Rebel
11:00AM Daniel Boone
12:00N The Big Valley
1:00PM Gunsmoke
2:00PM Bonanza
3:00PM Rawhide
4:00PM Wanted: Dead or Alive
4:30PM Wanted: Dead or Alive
5:00PM The Rifleman
5:30PM The Rifleman
6:00PM The Adventures of Superman
6:30PM The Adventures of Superman
7:00PM Batman
7:30PM Batman
8:00PM Wonder Woman
9:00PM Star Trek
10:00PM Svengoolie (Classic Monster/Sci-Fi Movie)
12:00M Lost In Space
1:00AM Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea
2:00AM Night Gallery
2:30AM Night Gallery
3:00AM The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
4:00AM Thriller
5:00AM The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Returns to MeTV. Replaces The Green Hornet
5:30AM The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Returns to MeTV. Replaces The Green Hornet
6:00AM F Troop Replaces H.R. Pufnstuf
6:30AM F Troop Replaces Land of the Lost
7:00AM The Abbott & Costello Show New to MeTV. Replaces The Donna Reed Show
7:30AM The Abbott & Costello Show New to MeTV. Replaces The Donna Reed Show
8:00AM Welcome Back Kotter Adds weekend airings. Replaces E/I Programming
8:30AM Welcome Back Kotter Adds weekend airings. Replaces E/I Programming
9:00AM Gilligan's Island
9:30AM Gilligan's Island
10:00AM Saved By The Bell
10:30AM Saved By The Bell
11:00AM Saved By The Bell
11:30AM Saved By The Bell
12:00N The Brady Bunch
12:30PM The Brady Bunch
1:00PM The Brady Bunch
1:30PM The Brady Bunch
2:00PM The Love Boat
3:00PM Remington Steele
4:00PM The Streets of San Francisco
5:00PM The Mod Squad Returns to MeTV. Replaces The Rockford Files
6:00PM Hawaii Five-0
7:00PM Black Sheep Squadron
8:00PM Columbo
10:00PM The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
11:00PM Mission:Impossible
12:00M Get Smart
12:30AM Get Smart
1:00AM The Saint
2:00AM Naked City No longer airs M-F
3:00AM Route 66 No longer airs M-F
4:00AM Peter Gunn
4:30AM Mr. Lucky

What’s Here: The Abbott & Costello Show, Banacek, Carol Burnett & Friends, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, McMillan & Wife, The Mod Squad, Quincy M.E.

What’s Gone: Adam-12, Dragnet, The Green Hornet, Ironside, Leave it to Beaver, The Rogues

FamilyNet Goes Retro Today

family net
Satellite-cable network FamilyNet takes on a new look today, adding a large number of classic shows from the Sony Pictures Television library to their schedule.

SPT and Rural Media Group (parent of FamilyNet) have inked a 5-year deal where SPT will provide programming and advertising sales services to RMG.

Here’s a look at the new weekday schedule on FamilyNet, which is available on Dish Network Channel 232:

Time Period (ET) Programming
5:00AM Paid Programming
7:00AM Your Health
8:00AM I Dream of Jeannie
8:30AM I Dream of Jeannie
9:00AM Bewitched
9:30AM Bewitched
10:00AM T.J. Hooker
11:00AM Starsky & Hutch
12:00N Charlie's Angels
1:00PM Fantasy Island
2:00PM All in the Family
2:30PM Barney Miller
3:00PM Malcolm & Eddie
3:30PM Good Times
4:00PM Good Times
4:30PM What's Happening Now!!
5:00PM I Dream of Jeannie
5:30PM I Dream of Jeannie
6:00PM Bewitched
6:30PM Bewitched
7:00PM All in the Family
7:30PM Barney Miller
8:00PM Fantasy Island
9:00PM Starsky & Hutch
10:00PM Charlie's Angels
11:00PM T.J. Hooker
12:00M Malcolm & Eddie
12:30AM Good Times
1:00AM Good Times
1:30AM What's Happening Now!!
2:00AM Paid Programming

Weekend programming includes All in the Family, Barney Miller, Bewitched, Brothers, Charlie’s Angels, Fantasy Island, I Dream of Jeannie, The Monkees, Starsky & Hutch, T.J. Hooker and movies from the Sony vaults.

For the complete programming schedule, visit the FamilyNet website.

Tuned In: MeTV Fall Additions, New Diginets Coming This Month

  • Classic TV digital network MeTV’s Fall 2014 lineup kicks off Monday September 1, Labor Day. Although the full schedule hasn’t been released yet, MeTV is now promoting airtimes for some new and returning shows. Cop drama CHiPs (1977-83) will air weeknights from 6-7PM Eastern (replacing The Rifleman), while sitcom Cheers (1982-93) takes over the 11PM slot (now occupied by The Twilight Zone). New additions to the weekend schedule include Superman (Saturdays 6-7PM), Black Sheep Squadron (Sundays 7-8PM), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Sundays 10-11PM) and Mission: Impossible (Sundays 11PM-12M). Those moves displace Adam-12, Kojak, Thriller and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, respectively.
  • Two new digital broadcast networks are scheduled to launch later this month. Katz Broadcasting (Bounce TV) will soon flip the switch on Escape and Grit. Escape will target a female audience, airing a mix of movies and off-cable series including Forensic Files, Snapped and Unsolved Mysteries. Grit will target men, airing a fully-loaded schedule of western, war and action movies. Both Escape and Grit have already cleared deals with stations reaching over 50% of the country.
  • A pair of classic TV contributors passed away recently. Veteran TV writer Rick Mittleman worked on such classic shows as Bewitched, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Flintstones, Gomer Pyle USMC, The Odd Couple, The Red Skelton Hour, Sanford & Son and You Asked for It. Animator David Weidman did background art on classic cartoons like Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines, Mr. Magoo, Popeye and Wacky Races. His artwork has most recently been featured on the AMC drama series Mad Men.

Tuned In: Bewitched 50th Anniversary Marathon, Here’s Lucy Returns

  • National classic TV diginet Antenna TV will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bewitched (1964-72) with a 50 episode marathon this September. The 25-hour marathon will be hosted by Erin Murphy, who played daughter Tabitha Stephens on the hit ABC sitcom. The marathon starts Saturday September 12 at 1PM Eastern. For more info and a list of episodes, click here.
  • Great news for Lucy fans! Lucille Ball’s third and final CBS sitcom Here’s Lucy is coming to national digital network Cozi TV. Cozi will air back-to-back episodes of the 1968-74 comedy weekdays from 4-5PM Eastern. It replaces Make Room for Daddy, which moves to 6-7PM. The Real McCoys is leaving the schedule.
  • A new version of classic hidden camera show Candid Camera is launching on cable network TV Land. Allen Funt was the creator and host of Candid Camera, which debuted way back in 1948. Allen’s son Peter will host the new incarnation, which starts August 11. He’ll be joined by co-host Mayim Bialik (Blossom, The Big Bang Theory).

  • Another TV classic may be returning to the airwaves. FremantleMedia (Let’s Make A Deal, The Price Is Right) is reportedly shopping a primetime revival of the celebrity panel game show To Tell The Truth to the broadcast networks. The original TTTT debuted in 1956.
  • Veteran television writer-producer Wilton Schiller has died. Schiller worked on such TV classics as The Adventures of Superman, Ben Casey, The Fugitive, Mannix and The Six Million Dollar Man. The 95-year-old Schiller died July 27 in California.

Tuned In

Some news and notes from the world of classic TV:

  • IFC (formerly The Independent Film Channel) is now airing the classic 1960s series Batman. The network airs back-to-back episodes in the morning (approximately 7:30 and 8AM) and afternoon (approx. 33:30 and 4PM), along with multi-hour marathons on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Click here for the complete schedule.
  • The long-running early western series Cheyenne is now playing on Encore Westerns. Cheyenne stars Clint Walker and originally aired on ABC from 1955-63 for a total of 108 episodes. Encore Westerns is running Cheyenne weeknights from 7:10-8PM Eastern. For more info, visit the Encore TV website.
  • WKRP in Cincinnati is finally coming to DVD, hopefully with much of the music intact. According to studio Shout! Factory, WKRP has a “complicated history of music rights restrictions. To make this the most comprehensive DVD release possible, we are doing our best to include every scene uncut and to license as much original music as possible.” The 13-disc set carries an MSRP of $139.99 but Amazon is accepting pre-orders at a 10% discount.

FETV Adds Cozi Programming

Christian satellite network FETV is now simulcasting programming from Cozi-TV, a national digital broadcast service owned by NBCUniversal.

According to FETV’s programming guide, the network is airing 10 hours of Cozi on weekdays and 4 hours in Saturday prime. The programming blocks are Monday-Friday 12N-6PM and 8PM-12M, plus Saturdays 8PM-12M. Classic Cozi shows airing on FETV include The Dick Van Dyke Show, Make Room for Daddy, Maverick and Starsky & Hutch.

FETV also continues to program several classic series from its existing library, specifically Highway to Heaven, Lassie, The Lone Ranger and The Roy Rogers Show. The balance of the schedule is filled with religious and lifestyle programming.

FETV is a programming service of LeSEA Broadcasting Corporation of South Bend, Indiana. It is available on Dish Network (Channel 82) and AT&T U-verse (Channel 578).

Cozi TV is carried as a full-time digital subchannel by broadcast stations across America, including WNBC New York, KNBC Los Angeles and WMAQ Chicago. For more info, visit the Cozi-TV website.

No Foolin’! Three’s Company Is Back

The classic 1970s sitcom is returning to the broadcast and cable airwaves this month.

As we mentioned in a previous post, Three’s Company will be back on national diginet Antenna TV‘s schedule beginning Monday April 14. It will air four times each weekday, at 10AM, 10:30AM, 12M and 12:30AM (all times Eastern). The channel will also air the show Saturday evenings and Sunday late nights.

Three’s Company is also coming back to its longtime cable home, TV Land. Sitcoms Online reports the cable/satellite network will program the show on weekend mornings, beginning with marathons this coming Saturday and Sunday (April 5-6).

Classic TV Westerns Viewing Guide

Westerns were all over the primetime network schedules in the 1950s and 60s. By the time the 1970s rolled around, viewer tastes were changing and the western era was all but over.

Long-running westerns Bonanza and Gunsmoke ended in the 1970s. Although there were a handful of westerns that launched later in the decade, none could match the genre’s earlier success.

Fortunately, many local stations continued to air off-network reruns of classic westerns long after they left primetime. These local stations, along with family-oriented cable networks like CBN (now ABC Family), helped expose these great shows to new generations of viewers.

Today there are many places to catch your favorite western shows, whether its on pay channels like Encore Westerns or for free on national diginets like Cozi and MeTV. There are also many westerns available for purchase on DVD.

The table below shows where classic westerns (1950s-70s) are currently available for viewing (as of February 2014). The columns include Program Title (with a link to DVD releases), Diginets (national programming services carried by local TV stations), Cable/Satellite Networks and Streaming (Internet-based services like Hulu, Netflix).

Saddle up and enjoy! Please contact me via Facebook or Twitter with your comments and suggestions.

Program Title w/DVD Link Diginet Cable/Satellite Streaming
A Man Called Shenandoah
The Adventures of Champion
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Cozi & Retro
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Antenna
The Alaskans
Alias Smith and Jones Cozi Hulu
Barbary Coast
Bat Masterson Encore Westerns
The Big Valley MeTV INSP Hulu
Bonanza MeTV Encore Westerns & INSP Hulu
Branded MeTV
Brave Eagle
Broken Arrow
The Californians
The Chisholms
Cimarron City
Cimarron Strip
The Cisco Kid Retro
Colt .45
The Cowboys
The Dakotas
Daniel Boone
The Deputy Cozi
Dirty Sally
Dundee and the Culhane
Frontier Circus
The Gene Autry Show
Gunsmoke MeTV Encore Westerns
The Guns of Will Sonnett MeTV
Have Gun Will Travel Encore Westerns
Here Come The Brides Antenna
High Chaparral INSP
Hopalong Cassidy Cozi & Retro
How The West Was Won
The Iron Horse
Johnny Ringo
Kung Fu
Law of the Plainsman
The Lawman
The Legend of Jesse James
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Encore Westerns
Little House on the Prairie Hallmark & INSP
The Loner
The Lone Ranger Cozi Angel Two & FETV Hulu
The Man from Blackhawk
Man Without a Gun
Marshal Dillon* Encore Westerns
Maverick Cozi Encore Westerns
The Monroes
My Friend Flicka
The Oregon Trail
The Outcasts
Overland Trail
The Quest
Rawhide MeTV AMC
The Rebel MeTV
The Restless Gun
The Rifleman MeTV AMC Hulu
The Road West
The Rough Riders
The Roy Rogers Show Cozi Angel Two & FETV Hulu
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon FETV
Sky King
Stagecoach West
Stoney Burke
Tales of Wells Fargo
The Tall Man
Temple Houston
The Texan
Tombstone Territory
The Travels of Jamie McPheeters
The Virginian* Cozi INSP
Wagon Train MeTV
Wanted Dead or Alive MeTV
The Westerner
Wichita Town
The Wide Country
The Wild Wild West
Yancy Derringer
Young Daniel Boone
Zane Grey Theatre

*Half-hour version of Gunsmoke
**Also known as The Men from Shiloh

TCM Slates Shirley Temple Marathon

Turner Classic Movies will be paying tribute to the late actress with a Shirley Temple Tribute on Sunday March 9.

Here is the scheduled lineup:

  • 4:30PM Heidi (1937)
  • 6:15PM Stowaway (1936)
  • 8PM Bright Eyes (1934)
  • 9:30PM The Little Princess (1939)
  • 11:15PM I’ll Be Seeing You (1944)
  • 12:45AM The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer (1947)
  • 2:30AM A Kiss For Corliss (1949)
  • 4:15AM That Hagen Girl (1947)

Also, diginet getTV will be airing The Little Princess tonight at 10PM. Another diginet, Cozi TV, will be showing Temple’s Little Miss Marker Saturday at 330AM EST and Sunday afternoon at 2PM EST.