Classic Game Show Diginet Launches


Buzzr, a new digital broadcast network from FremantleMedia North America, signed on the air Monday in 17 major markets across the U.S. All but one of the charter affiliates is owned by Fox Broadcasting Company.

The network is airing a 24/7 lineup of classic game shows from the estimated 40,000+ episode FremantleMedia library, including shows from the 1950s to the 2000s.

Here’s a look at the weekday lineup, all times Eastern:

Time Period (ET) Programming
5:00AM What's My Line?
5:30AM I've Got A Secret
6:00AM Family Feud
6:30AM Family Feud
7:00AM Tattletales
7:30AM Tattletales
8:00AM Child's Play
8:30AM Body Language
9:00AM Blockbusters
9:30AM Card Sharks
10:00AM Match Game
10:30AM Match Game
11:00AM Family Feud
11:30AM Family Feud
12:00PM Super Password
12:30PM Super Password
1:00PM Press Your Luck
1:30PM Press Your Luck
2:00PM Child's Play
2:30PM Body Language
3:00PM Blockbusters
3:30PM Card Sharks
4:00PM Match Game
4:30PM Match Game
5:00PM Family Feud
5:30PM Family Feud
6:00PM Super Password
6:30PM Super Password
7:00PM Press Your Luck
7:30PM Press Your Luck
8:00PM Let's Make A Deal
8:30PM Let's Make A Deal
9:00PM Match Game
9:30PM Match Game
10:00PM Tattletales
10:30PM Tattletales
11:00PM Let's Make A Deal
11:30PM Let's Make A Deal
12:00AM Match Game
12:30AM Match Game
1:00AM Tattletales
1:30AM Tattletales
2:00AM To Tell The Truth
2:30AM What's My Line?
3:00AM I've Got A Secret
3:30AM I've Got A Secret
4:00AM To Tell The Truth
4:30AM What's My Line?

Among the major market stations carrying Buzzr are WWOR 9.4 New York, KCOP 13.2 Los Angeles, WPWR 50.4 Chicago and WTXF 29.4 Philadelphia.

For a complete list of affiliates, visit the Buzzr website.

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