MeTV Upgrades in NYC and Philly


Chicago-based classic TV programming service MeTV will be changing affiliates in two of the nation’s top four media markets, moving from secondary to primary channel positions.

This change to primary channels means that the new affiliates will be considered “must carry” stations, so cable and satellite companies will be obligated to carry them. Secondary digital channels are not “must carry”, so their viewers often have to rely on an over-the-air antenna to receive those channels.

MeTV’s current New York City affiliate is WWME-TV 43.1, a station licensed to Bridgeport, CT. They actually pre-empt a lot of overnight and early morning MeTV programming.

The new Big Apple affiliate will be KVNV, which airs on digital channel 3. Interesting story here is that KVNV’s license was “moved” from Ely, NV to Middletown Township, NJ. The MeTV affiliation change is scheduled for this spring.

In Philadelphia, MeTV will move from WFMZ 69.3 to KJWP 2. The same company that owns KVNV owns KJWP, which also “moved” from Jackson, WY to Wilmington, DE. The Philly MeTV switch will take place March 1

I know that a lot of this technical stuff is confusing, but this sounds like good news. The bottom line is classic TV fans in New York and Philadelphia will have improved access to MeTV on cable and satellite.

We will update our Classic TV Affiliate Guide when the changes have taken place.

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