Get Cozi This Summer

Classic TV diginet Cozi TV has announced their Spring/Summer 2014 programming plans. Here’s what’s new (all times Eastern):

  • May 5: McCloud (Mondays 8PM-12M)
  • May 26: Starsky & Hutch/Knight Rider Marathon (Regular time slot Tuesdays 10PM)
  • June 2: The Dick Van Dyke Show (Weekdays 5-6PM, moves over from MeTV)
  • July 4: Hopalong Cassidy Marathon (Regular time slot TBA)
  • July 6: Hart To Hart (Regular time slot Mondays 8-11PM)
  • August: Here’s Lucy (Time slot TBA)
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One thought on “Get Cozi This Summer

  1. Can’t wait for Hopland Cassidy marathon

    I hear about Cozi TV new summer schedule can’t wait even Knight Rider is cheesy with Computer tech I could hack Kitt computer system I still love that show

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