Saying Goodbye To More Classic TV Friends

As 2015 draws to a close, we want to recognize a number of classic TV contributors who have passed on recently…

  • Custom car builder George Barris, the man who brought us The Batmobile and The Munster Koach
  • Actor Martin Brooks, best known for his role as Dr. Rudy Wells on The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman
  • Actor David Canary, known to classic TV fans as Candy on the long-running western series Bonanza. He later enjoyed a multi-decade run on the daytime soap All My Children
  • Ray Gandolf, a folksy announcer for CBS Sports back in the 1970s and early 80s. He was the first sportscaster on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt
  • Former child actor Charles Herbert, who guested on such classic series as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Donna Reed Show, Family Affair and The Twilight Zone
  • Old-time fiddler Ramona Jones, who appeared with her late husband Grandpa Jones on the country variety series Hee Haw
  • Actress Marjorie Lord, who played Danny Thomas’s character’s wife on on the vintage sitcom Make Room for Daddy
  • Actor Al Markim, best remembered for his role as Astro on the early science-fiction series Tom Corbett Space Cadet
  • Character actor Al Molinaro, beloved by 1970s sitcom fans for his roles as Murray the Cop (The Odd Couple) and diner owner Al Delvecchio (Happy Days)
  • Game show host Jim Perry, who emceed NBC’s Card Sharks and $ale of the Century in the 1970s and 80s
  • Writer James Prideaux, a playwright who later penned episodes of daytime soap The Secret Storm as well as a number of made-for-TV movies
  • Actor Rex Reason, who appeared on a number of early television series including The Alaskans, Man Without a Gun and The Roaring Twenties. He is best known for his role in the cult classic film This Island Earth
  • British actor Nicholas Smith, the last-surviving original cast member of the classic Britcom Are You Being Served?

Tuned In: MeTV Shuffles Morning Lineup, New Diginet Launches October 31

News and notes from the world of classic TV…

  • Classic TV diginet MeTV is switching up their morning schedule, expanding their sitcom block to four hours beginning Monday October 26. The new schedule (all times Eastern) leads off at 5AM with Gomer Pyle USMC, followed by The Donna Reed Show, My Three Sons, I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch and Petticoat Junction. The comedy block wraps with back-to-back episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies from 8-9AM. The Abbott and Costello Show, Daniel Boone and Family Affair are leaving the MeTV lineup.
  • A comet is coming on Halloween! Comet is the name of a new sci-fi themed digital broadcast network from MGM and Sinclair Television Group. It will feature a mix of series (Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot,The Outer Limits, Stargate: SG-1) and movies. Among the charter affiliates are KDOC 56.8 Los Angeles, WOCH 41.2 Chicago, KCNS 38.4 San Francisco and WMFP 632.4 Boston. For a complete affiliate list and program schedule, visit the Comet website


Rest In Peace, Classic TV Friends

The list of classic TV contributors who have passed away in 2015 continues to grow. In the past few months, we have said goodbye to:

  • Producer Merv Adelson, co-founder of Lorimar Television (Dallas, Eight Is Enough, Knot’s Landing, The Waltons)
  • Composer Van Alexander, who worked on the music for such classic series as Bewitched, Dennis The Menace, The Farmer’s Daughter, Hazel and I Dream of Jeannie
  • British actress Judy Carne, best known for her work on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In (Sock it to me!)
  • Actor George Coe, who appeared on daytime dramas The Doctors and Somerset. He was also an original cast member of Saturday Night Live and most recently the voice of Woodhouse on the animated series Archer
  • Actor John Connell, who worked on such early television shows as Danger, Mister Peepers and Studio One. He starred in the daytime drama Young Dr. Malone and later appeared on the classic gothic serial Dark Shadows
  • Child actor Kevin Corcoran, who appeared in a number of Mickey Mouse Club serials like Spin and Marty. He also worked in a number of movies including Old Yeller and The Shaggy Dog
  • Actress Yvonne Craig, forever known to classic TV fans as Barbara Gordon (a.k.a Batgirl) on the 1960s superhero series Batman
  • Child actress Jean Darling, one of the original cast of Our Gang (The Little Rascals) film shorts
  • Football player-turned-commentator Frank Gifford, best known as the long-time voice of ABC’s Monday Night Football
  • Television executive Peter Grad, who served as president of MTM Studios and helped develop such series as The Fall Guy, L.A. Law and Mr. Belvedere
  • Actor-turned-educator Bruce Hyde, who portrayed Lt. Kevin Riley in the original Star Trek
  • Actor-comedian Marty Ingels (I’m Dickens He’s Fenster), the long-time spouse of actress Shirley Jones
  • Writer Ray Jessel, who penned episodes of 1970s classics The Bob Newhart Show, The Carol Burnett Show and The Love Boat
  • Actor Dean Jones, who appeared on classic TV series like Bonanza, Burke’s Law and Ensign O’Toole. He is best known for his work on Disney films including That Darn Cat and Herbie The Love Bug. The latter spawned a short-lived 1982 TV series
  • Actor Jack Larson, photographer-cub reporter Jimmy Olsen on The Adventures of Superman
  • Film actress Joan Leslie, who later guested on television series like Branded, Charlie’s Angels, The Incredible Hulk and Studio 57
  • Television executive Howard Lipstone, who teamed with partner Alan Landsburg to produce such series as In Search Of…, That’s Incredible!, Gimme A Break! and Kate and Allie
  • Actress-writer Peg Lynch, who wrote and starred in the long-running radio and TV sitcom Ethel and Albert
  • Actor Martin Milner, best known for his starring roles on Route 66 (Tod Stiles) and Adam-12 (Officer Pete Malloy)
  • Actress Melody Patterson, Wrangler Jane on the classic 1960s sitcom F-Troop
  • Actor Alex Rocco, who guested on numerous classic series including Batman, Cannon, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Starsky & Hutch. He is perhaps best remembered for his big-screen role as Moe Greene in The Godfather
  • Welsh actor Roger Rees, known for his portrayal of tycoon Robin Colcord on Cheers
  • Producer-director Lela Swift (Dark Shadows, Ryan’s Hope)
  • Actress-singer Pat Woodell, the original Bobbie Jo Bradley on the 1960s sitcom Petticoat Junction. She left after two seasons and was replaced by Lori Saunders
  • Producer Bud Yorkin, who partnered with Norman Lear on classic 1970s sitcoms All In The Family, The Jeffersons, Maude, and Sanford and Son. Lear and Yorkin first worked together on 1950s variety series The Colgate Comedy Hour and The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show

Family Ties Headlines Antenna TV Fall Lineup

A modern classic comedy and two short-lived 1960s sitcoms are the only additions to Antenna TV’s Fall 2014 schedule.

The classic TV diginet will air the Michael J. Fox series Family Ties (1982-89) seven nights a week, while My Mother The Car and It’s About Time are relegated to Saturday afternoons.

My Mother The Car (1965-66) most recently aired on MeTV. It stars Jerry Van Dyke (Coach) as an attorney who buys a used car that turns out to be the reincarnation of his deceased mother (Ann Sothern). It’s About Time (1966-67) is a pre-historic sitcom from Sherwood Schwartz (The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island).

Here is the new Antenna TV lineup, which starts Monday September 14:

Eastern Time Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday
5:00AM The Burns and Allen Show Movie Movie
5:30AM The Burns and Allen Show
6:00AM The Jack Benny Program
6:30AM The Jack Benny Program
7:00AM Mister Ed The Three Stooges The Three Stooges
7:30AM Mister Ed
8:00AM Father Knows Best
8:30AM Father Knows Best
9:00AM Hazel E/I Programming I Dream of Jeannie
9:30AM Hazel I Dream of Jeannie
10:00AM Dennis the Menace Bewitched
10:30AM Dennis the Menace Bewitched
11:00AM Leave it to Beaver Green Acres
11:30AM Leave it to Beaver Green Acres
12:00N Bewitched The Partridge Family
12:30PM Bewitched The Partridge Family
1:00PM I Dream of Jeannie My Mother the Car Small Wonder
1:30PM I Dream of Jeannie My Mother the Car Small Wonder
2:00PM Green Acres It's About Time Mr. Belvedere
2:30PM Green Acres It's About Time Mr. Belvedere
3:00PM Three's Company The Flying Nun All in the Family
3:30PM Three's Company The Flying Nun All in the Family
4:00PM Mr. Belvedere Small Wonder Maude
4:30PM Mr. Belvedere Small Wonder Maude
5:00PM Too Close for Comfort Mr. Belvedere The Jeffersons
5:00PM Too Close for Comfort Mr. Belvedere The Jeffersons
6:00PM Sanford and Son Doogie Howser M.D. Sanford and Son
6:30PM Sanford and Son Doogie Howser M.D. Sanford and Son
7:00PM Good Times The Ropers Good Times
7:30PM Good Times Three's A Crowd Good Times
8:00PM All in the Family Newhart Newhart
8:30PM All in the Family Newhart Newhart
9:00PM The Jeffersons Family Ties Family Ties
9:30PM The Jeffersons Family Ties Family Ties
10:00PM Family Ties Evening Shade Evening Shade
10:30PM Family Ties Evening Shade Evening Shade
11:00PM One Day at a Time Three's Company Three's Company
11:30PM One Day at a Time Three's Company Three's Company
12:00M Barney Miller One Day at a Time One Day at a Time
12:00AM Barney Miller One Day at a Time One Day at a Time
1:00AM Newhart Bewitched Bewitched
1:30AM Newhart Bewitched Bewitched
2:00AM Doogie Howser M.D. I Dream of Jeannie I Dream of Jeannie
2:30AM Doogie Howser M.D. I Dream of Jeannie I Dream of Jeannie
3:00AM Three's Company The Burns and Allen Show The Burns and Allen Show
3:30AM Three's Company The Burns and Allen Show The Burns and Allen Show
4:00AM Maude Alfred Hitchcock Presents Alfred Hitchcock Presents
4:30AM Maude Alfred Hitchcock Presents Alfred Hitchcock Presents

What’s Here: Family Ties, It’s About Time, My Mother The Car

What’s Gone: The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, Flipper, Gidget, Here Come The Brides, McHale’s Navy, The Monkees, The Patty Duke Show

MeTV Launches Fall Lineup Monday

Classic TV diginet MeTV kicks off their Fall 2015 schedule tomorrow, adding the Andy Griffith courtroom drama Matlock weekday mornings and extended comedy blocks on Sundays.

Here’s the new schedule:

Eastern Time Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday
5:00AM Abbott & Costello F Troop The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
5:30AM Welcome Back Kotter F Troop The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
6:00AM Gilligan's Island Welcome Back Kotter Abbott & Costello
6:30AM Family Affair Welcome Back Kotter Abbott & Costello
7:00AM The Donna Reed Show H.R. Pufnstuf F Troop
7:30AM I Love Lucy Land of the Lost F Troop
8:00AM Daniel Boone E/I Programming Welcome Back Kotter
8:30AM Welcome Back Kotter
9:00AM Perry Mason E/I or The Rebel Gilligan's Island
9:30AM E/I or The Rebel Gilligan's Island
10:00AM Matlock E/I or Have Gun Will Travel Saved by the Bell
10:30AM E/I or Have Gun Will Travel Saved by the Bell
11:00AM Quincy M.E. Wagon Train Saved by the Bell
11:30AM Saved by the Bell
12:00PM The Rockford Files The Big Valley The Brady Bunch
12:30PM The Brady Bunch
1:00PM Gunsmoke Gunsmoke The Brady Bunch
1:30PM The Brady Bunch
2:00PM Bonanza Bonanza Gilligan's Island
2:30PM Gilligan's Island
3:00PM The Rifleman Rawhide Happy Days
3:30PM The Rifleman Laverne & Shirley
4:00PM Emergency! Wanted: Dead or Alive I Love Lucy
4:30PM Wanted: Dead or Alive I Love Lucy
5:00PM Emergency! The Rifleman The Love Boat
5:30PM The Rifleman
6:00PM CHiPs Adventures of Superman The Love Boat
6:30PM Adventures of Superman
7:00PM M*A*S*H Batman The Andy Griffith Show or Mayberry R.F.D.
7:30PM M*A*S*H Batman The Andy Griffith Show or Mayberry R.F.D.
8:00PM The Andy Griffith Show or Gilligan's Island Wonder Woman Columbo
8:30PM The Andy Griffith Show or Gilligan's Island
9:00PM Happy Days Star Trek
9:30PM Laverne & Shirley M*A*S*H
10:00PM Hogan's Heroes Svengoolie The Odd Couple
10:30PM Hogan's Heroes The Honeymooners
11:00PM Carol Burnett & Friends Cheers
11:30PM Perry Mason The Bob Newhart Show
12:00AM Lost in Space The Mary Tyler Moore Show
12:30AM Mystery Movie Taxi
1:00AM Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Get Smart
1:30AM The Phil Silvers Show
2:00AM The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
2:30AM Night Gallery
3:00AM The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Car 54 Where Are You? Naked City
3:30AM Car 54 Where Are You?
4:00AM Thriller Gomer Pyle USMC Route 66
4:30AM Gomer Pyle USMC

What’s Here: The Bob Newhart Show, Cheers, Family Affair, Hogan’s Heroes, The Honeymooners, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Matlock, The Odd Couple, Taxi, Wagon Train

What’s Gone: The Beverly Hillbillies, Black Sheep Squadron, Hawaii Five-O, Make Room for Daddy, Mr. Lucky, Mission: Impossible, The Mod Squad, Peter Gunn, Petticoat Junction, Remington Steele, The Saint, The Streets of San Francisco

Cozi Makes Late Summer Changes, Another Diginet On The Way

Some news and notes to report…

  • Classic TV diginet COZI TV is tweaking their schedule in August, adding modern classics Baywatch and Simon & Simon while resting The Bionic Woman, Charlie’s Angels and It Takes A Thief. They are also cutting back on airings of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Here’s Lucy and Starsky & Hutch. Get all the info here.
  • MGM TV and Sinclair Broadcast Group are teaming up to launch a sci-fi themed digital broadcast network. The as-yet-unnamed channel will air movies and series from the MGM library and is expected to launch sometime this fall.
  • Farewell to a pair of classic TV contributors. Actress Diana Douglas (ex-wife of Kirk, mother of Michael) guested on such series as Barnaby Jones, Cannon, Naked City and The Streets of San Francisco. Film and TV actor Irwin Keyes may best be remembered by classic TV fans as George Jefferson’s bodyguard on The Jeffersons. He also played Joe Rockhead in the 1994 big-screen adaption of The Flintstones.


Saying Goodbye to More Old Friends

We’ve lost a lot of familiar classic TV faces this year. Recently we bade farewell to…

  • Screenwriter-author William Bast, who wrote episodes of classic series like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Ben Casey, Combat!, Outer Limits and Perry Mason. Bast also penned two biographies about big screen legend James Dean
  • Joanne Carson, the second wife of late night icon Johnny Carson. She also hosted her own syndicated health-focused talk show
  • Actor-comedian Jack Carter, who guested on numerous classics including CHiPs, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Dream of Jeannie, Love American Style, Mannix and The Wild Wild West. He also appeared as himself on many popular game and talk shows of the 60s, 70s and 80s
  • Actor John Colenback, who portrayed Dan Stewart on the long-running CBS daytime soap As The World Turns
  • Actor John Compton, who appeared on many early TV shows like The Cisco Kid, The D.A.’s Man, Fury, The Real McCoys and Surfside 6
  • Television news executive Ed Fouhy, who worked at all three networks in the 70s and 80s
  • TV syndicator Michael King who, alongside his brother Roger, inherited King World Productions. Their father started the company in the 60s by repackaging The Our Gang comedies as The Little Rascals. The King brothers went on to syndicate such modern classics as Jeopardy!, The Oprah Winfrey Show and Wheel of Fortune. They sold the company to CBS in 2000
  • Veteran British actor Christopher Lee, well known for his big screen roles as Dracula, James Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga and the wizard Saruman in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Lee also appeared on the small screen, including roles on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, How the West Was Won, One Step Beyond and Space: 1999
  • Singer-actress Monica Lewis, the voice of Miss Chiquita Banana in a long-running series of TV commercials (never put bananas in the refrigerator!)
  • English-American actor Patrick Macnee, who played secret agent John Steed in the classic 1960s British spy-fi series The Avengers
  • Actress-comedienne Anne Meara, wife of comedy partner Jerry Stiller and mother of actor Ben Stiller. Anne starred in her own short lived 1975 mystery series Kate McShane. She was later a regular on Archie Bunker’s Place and had recurring roles on ALF and The King of Queens
  • British actor Ron Moody (Fagin in Oliver!), who guested on such American shows as Gunsmoke, Hart to Hart and Starsky & Hutch
  • Actress Betsy Palmer, who appeared on many early television series including Climax!, Goodyear Playhouse and The United States Steel Hour. She was also a panelist on the long-running quiz show I’ve Got A Secret. Palmer is perhaps best known to modern audiences for her role as Mrs. Voorhees, Jason’s mother on the classic 1980 horror film Friday the 13th.
  • Marty Paseta, longtime director of The Academy Awards
  • Producer Harry R. Sherman, who worked on late 1960s sitcoms Get Smart, The Good Guys and The Governor and J.J.
  • Actor John Stephenson, best known as the voice of Fred’s boss Mr. Slate on the classic stone age cartoon The Flintstones. He also guested on such shows as The Beverly Hillbillies, Gomer Pyle USMC, I Love Lucy, The Lone Ranger and Perry Mason
  • Writer-producer Chris Thompson, who got his start writing an episode of the short-lived Nancy Walker sitcom Blansky’s Beauties (1977). He went on to work on 70s-80s sitcoms Bosom Buddies and Laverne & Shirley. He most recently was creator of a Disney Channel sitcom called Shake It Up!
  • Actor Dick Van Patten, best known for his role as patriarch Tom Bradford on the family series Eight Is Enough (1977-81). His first big television role was on the 1949-67 comedy series Mama, later guesting on numerous classic shows of the 60s and 70s.

Classic Game Show Diginet Launches


Buzzr, a new digital broadcast network from FremantleMedia North America, signed on the air Monday in 17 major markets across the U.S. All but one of the charter affiliates is owned by Fox Broadcasting Company.

The network is airing a 24/7 lineup of classic game shows from the estimated 40,000+ episode FremantleMedia library, including shows from the 1950s to the 2000s.

Here’s a look at the weekday lineup, all times Eastern:

Time Period (ET) Programming
5:00AM What's My Line?
5:30AM I've Got A Secret
6:00AM Family Feud
6:30AM Family Feud
7:00AM Tattletales
7:30AM Tattletales
8:00AM Child's Play
8:30AM Body Language
9:00AM Blockbusters
9:30AM Card Sharks
10:00AM Match Game
10:30AM Match Game
11:00AM Family Feud
11:30AM Family Feud
12:00PM Super Password
12:30PM Super Password
1:00PM Press Your Luck
1:30PM Press Your Luck
2:00PM Child's Play
2:30PM Body Language
3:00PM Blockbusters
3:30PM Card Sharks
4:00PM Match Game
4:30PM Match Game
5:00PM Family Feud
5:30PM Family Feud
6:00PM Super Password
6:30PM Super Password
7:00PM Press Your Luck
7:30PM Press Your Luck
8:00PM Let's Make A Deal
8:30PM Let's Make A Deal
9:00PM Match Game
9:30PM Match Game
10:00PM Tattletales
10:30PM Tattletales
11:00PM Let's Make A Deal
11:30PM Let's Make A Deal
12:00AM Match Game
12:30AM Match Game
1:00AM Tattletales
1:30AM Tattletales
2:00AM To Tell The Truth
2:30AM What's My Line?
3:00AM I've Got A Secret
3:30AM I've Got A Secret
4:00AM To Tell The Truth
4:30AM What's My Line?

Among the major market stations carrying Buzzr are WWOR 9.4 New York, KCOP 13.2 Los Angeles, WPWR 50.4 Chicago and WTXF 29.4 Philadelphia.

For a complete list of affiliates, visit the Buzzr website.

RIP, Classic TV Friends

Over the past few months, we’ve lost many friends who have brought us countless classic TV memories. Your work in front of and behind the camera will never be forgotten…

  • Bill Arhos, founder of the long-running PBS music performance series Austin City Limits
  • Director-producer Richard Bare, best known for his work on the 1965-71 Eddie Albert sitcom Green Acres. He also directed the classic Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man.” Bare lived to the ripe old age of 101
  • Television and film producer Harve Bennett, who worked on such classics as The Bionic Woman, The Mod Squad and The Six Million Dollar Man
  • Veteran character actor James Best, who guested on numerous classic TV shows including The Andy Griffith Show, Perry Mason, Rawhide and The Twilight Zone. His most memorable role was as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on The Dukes of Hazzard
  • Actress Lynn Borden, best known for her role as Barbara Baxter on the final season of the 1960s Shirley Booth sitcom Hazel
  • News reporter Stan Chambers, who worked for KTLA-TV 5 Los Angeles for an incredible 63 years (1947-2010). He is credited with the first live coverage of a breaking news story, a child trapped in an abandoned well back in 1949
  • Former child actress Suzanne Crough, who played the youngest member (Tracy) of the early 1970s sitcom brood The Partridge Family
  • Radio, television and advertising legend Stan Freberg. He got his start as a voice actor on classic Warner Bros. cartoons, then later hosted his own satirical radio series. His advertising work included memorable campaigns for Contadina Tomato Paste, Jeno’s Pizza Rolls and Sunsweet Pitted Prunes
  • Singer-actress Lesley Gore. She guested as one of Catwoman’s minions in the 1960s Batman series
  • Stage, film and television director Walter Grauman, known for his multi-decade work on classics like The Fugitive, Murder She Wrote, Route 66, The Streets of San Francisco and The Twilight Zone
  • Actor Geoffrey Lewis, perhaps best known for his roles in numerous Clint Eastwood movies. He also guested on classic TV shows like Bonanza, Cannon and Mannix. Lewis was a regular on the Alice spinoff series Flo (1980). His daughter is film actress Juliette Lewis
  • Screenwriter Don Mankiewicz, who penned episodes of classic series like Ironside, McMillan and Wife, One Step Beyond and Star Trek
  • Writer-producer Jenna McMahon, writer for The Carol Burnett Show and co-creator of such sitcoms as The Facts of Life, It’s a Living and Mama’s Family
  • Actress and game show panelist Jayne Meadows (I’ve Got A Secret, What’s My Line?) She was also the older sister of the late actress Audrey Meadows (The Honeymooners) and the widow of comedian Steve Allen, the original host of The Tonight Show
  • Actor Leonard Nimoy, forever known as the iconic character Mr. Spock on Star Trek. He was also in the cast of Mission: Impossible and later hosted the syndicated documentary series In Search Of…
  • Disc jockey and voice artist Gary Owens, best known for his work on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. He also voiced cartoon character Space Ghost and most recently served as the voice of classic TV diginet Antenna TV
  • Eugene Patton, one-time NBC stagehand who gained fame as Gene Gene The Dancing Machine on the 1970’s talent search game show The Gong Show
  • Advertising executive Rudolph Perz, creator of the Pillsbury Doughboy character
  • Actor Ben Powers, best known as Keith Anderson, Thelma’s husband on the 1970s sitcom Good Times
  • Veteran CBS News correspondent Bob Simon, who covered such historic events as the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War
  • Producer-director Sam Simon, co-creator of the modern animated classic The Simpsons. He got his start working as a storyboard artist and writer on several 1970s Saturday morning cartoons (The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids)
  • Actress-socialite Betsy von Furstenberg, who guested on such classic series as Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Have Gun-Will Travel. She later appeared on daytime dramas Another World and As The World Turns
  • Actress Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Janice Rand on the original Star Trek TV series and several subsequent films

MeTV Goes For Summer Laughs

The “Summer of Me” returns this Memorial Day, featuring some new and returning comedy favorites.

Classic TV diginet MeTV is making some minor adjustments to their summer program schedule, including the return of Happy Days and it’s spinoff Laverne & Shirley. Here’s a summary of the changes (all times Eastern):

  • M-F 4-5PM Emergency! (replaces Star Trek. Emergency! will now air back-to-back episodes from 4-6PM)
  • M-F 6-6:30PM Gilligan’s Island (replaces CHiPs)
  • M-F 6:30-7PM Hogan’s Heroes (replaces CHiPs. Moves from 9PM timeslot)
  • Mon 9-11PM Saved by the Bell (4 episodes. Replaces Hogan’s Heroes, The Twilight Zone and The Bob Newhart Show)
  • Tue 9-11PM Happy Days (4 episodes. Replaces Hogan’s Heroes, The Twilight Zone and Taxi)
  • Wed 9-11PM Laverne & Shirley (4 episodes. Replaces Hogan’s Heroes, The Twilight Zone and Cheers)
  • Thu 9-10PM Welcome Back Kotter (2 episodes. Replaces Hogan’s Heroes and The Twilight Zone. Kotter now airs 4 episodes from 9-11PM)
  • Fri 9-11PM The Brady Bunch (4 episodes. Replaces Hogan’s Heroes, The Twilight Zone and The Odd Couple)

What’s Here: Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley
What’s Outta Here: The Bob Newhart Show, Cheers, CHiPs, The Odd Couple, Taxi, The Twilight Zone